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What Are The Properties Of Fully Synthesized Ultra-high Temperature Lubricating Grease?

- Sep 19, 2018 -

With the development of modern industry, transportation and aviation industry, the demand for lubricating products that can be used under harsh conditions such as high and low temperature, high load, high vacuum, high speed, high-energy radiation and strong oxidation corrosion is increasing. Whether for chemical or chemical industry, or for today's automotive manufacturing industry, tile paper and paper production industry and textile printing and dyeing industry applications, as well as industrial applications in the field of high temperature, or for the aerospace industry and military specifications of the extremely stringent operating conditions, fully synthetic ultra-high temperature grease can meet the requirements of customers. Here is a description of the full synthesis of ultra-high temperature lubricating grease performance characteristics.
1, can produce a high concentration of PTFE lubrication protective layer, high temperature continue to lubrication.
2, can effectively resist the brine and most of the detergent grease manufacturers.
3, High-temperature high load will not kill or form harmful impurities lithium base grease.
4, can prevent acid-base chemical corrosion.
5, the amount of oil is very small, with extremely strong resistance to extreme pressure characteristics.
6, has the good oil film strength and the load capacity.
7, compared with the ordinary synthetic grease has a longer life.