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What Are The Problems With Storage Lubricants?

- Jun 28, 2018 -

In industrial production, the use of lubricants is essential, then the storage of industrial lubricants also need to pay attention to what matters? Let's analyze the problem for you.
The following points need to be noted when storing industrial lubricants:
1, to tighten the lid, keep the oil barrel seal, to prevent contamination of lubricants.
2, to be a good record of warehousing, to ensure that first-come first-served, so recorded more convenient.
3, can not put the oil barrel upright in the open-air environment to prevent water and debris intrusion pollution.
4, to keep the barrel surface clean, logo clear, so in use will be very convenient.
5, to maintain the ground clean, so that the oil spill can be found in time, so to regularly clean the ground.
6. The new oil and waste oils should be placed separately, the containers containing waste oil cannot be fitted with new oils to prevent contamination.
7, frequent extraction of oil, placed in the oil bucket frame to use the switch to control the exile, so easier to control the number of exile.
8, indoor storage of lubricating oil can be put, barrel face up, easy to extract, but also to avoid leakage of lubricating oil.