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The Performance And Quality Of Lubricating Grease

- Aug 08, 2018 -

For the operation of contact friction more severe mechanical structure, the role of Grease is critical, high-performance high quality lubricating grease in the use of the following aspects of the role.
1, reduce friction and wear. If the lubrication of rolling bearing is to reduce friction and abrasion by forming oil film, the key parts of lubrication should be placed in the contact part of the bearing ring, rolling body and the cage, so that lubricating oil or grease formed in the above part of the film to avoid contact between the metal to reduce the damage caused by friction of the bearing.
2. Prolong the fatigue life. The fatigue life of rolling bearing is limited, and proper lubrication can prolong its fatigue life. The rolling contact surface of rolling bearing is the key part of lubrication, and the lubrication effect can prolong its service life greatly, while the viscosity of lubricating oil is too low and the thickness of lubricant film is too thin, which will lead to shorten the fatigue life of rolling bearing.
3. Cooling and heat discharge. Rolling bearing in the process of movement, due to friction and other reasons will produce a lot of heat, overheating, parts are prone to deformation, friction damage is more serious. To lubricate the rolling bearing by the method of circulating oil-giving, it is very good to discharge the heat through the flow of lubricating oil, to achieve the cooling effect, and to prevent the bearing and lubricating oil from overheating.
The rolling bearing gets proper lubrication, also can avoid the invasion of foreign body, reduce the scratch problem caused by foreign body. In addition, the lubrication of rolling bearings, as well as the prevention of rust and corrosion by the external material effect.