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The Market Of Lubricant Industry Changes Slowly?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Now with the improvement of mechanization level, the development of lubricating oil industry has also arisen. The higher the degree of mechanization, the higher the utilization rate of lubricating oil, the bright future, the development of lubricating oil industry market will tend to steady growth.

Ipic Lubricating oil pointed out: China has a huge investment in lubricants to join the market. Domestic demand for automotive oil high-speed growth and high-end automotive oil trend will promote the automotive lubricants industry into a rapid development period. China is expected to double its demand for lubricants by 2020, with consumption likely to surpass that of the US. The rapid growth of automobile oil demand and the trend of high-grade automobile oil will promote the automobile lubricating oil industry to enter the fast development period.

In the face of huge demand market, lubricating oil manufacturers have layout, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the market pattern is undergoing major changes. Foreign companies have been stationed in an attempt to compete for the domestic market with their brand influence. Foreign brands continue to infiltrate the Chinese market, many of the original oil factories in the periphery of large manufacturing enterprises, have teamed up with overseas giants. Large private enterprises also not to be outdone, have increased research and development investment, by virtue of the cost and price advantages and foreign competition. Local brands have broken the international lubricants giants and domestic monopolies a single big situation.

At the same time, the domestic lubricant market, the optimal allocation of resources is not fully realized, performance in the basic oil, scientific research strength, material procurement and so on. In addition, due to the limited size and profitability of enterprises, the financial budget system is usually not really implemented, and the completion of the profit is very passive. Therefore, in order to make full use of resources and further optimize the still have a lot of work to do, to enhance the brand image, increase the proportion of high-grade oil, need to change the original market operation methods, strengthen integration and monitoring.

The domestic lubricating oil market development situation is good, the industry basic oil supply and demand pattern is broken, at the same time customer demand to high-grade, personalized development, market homogeneity degree and competition white-hot Japanese intense. In the future development of lubricating oil industry, it is compatible with the development trend of energy-saving, high efficiency and high-end internal combustion engine.