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The Future Development Of Lubricating Oil Presents The Following Trends

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The future development of lubricating oil presents the following trends:

One, can adapt the equipment power to be bigger;

Second, the fuel economy of good low energy products, environmentally friendly to people, safe lubricants products will be widely used;

Third, multistage internal combustion engine oil, high-grade internal combustion engine oil, diesel engine oil, more suitable for the use of equipment technology multi-purpose lubricants, a variety of special lubricants will be faster development;

Four, the high efficiency additive, especially the compound additive, the nanometer material, the compound agent and the extreme pressure antiwear Agent will obtain the more widespread application, the lubricating oil additive total dosage will reduce gradually;

Five, the level of basic oil continues to improve, Ⅱ, Ⅲ type of basic oil use, biodegradable base oils and synthetic base oils are widely used, and basic oils are developed in the direction of good thermal oxidation stability, shear stability, low sulfur, low phosphorus, low viscosity, low volatility, high viscosity index and environmental friendliness.