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Technical Revolution In Lubrication Field

- Apr 18, 2018 -

The technical revolution of lubrication field: high efficiency and energy-saving nanometer antiwear agent according to the International authoritative agency calculates, the world produces the energy about has the 30%-50% consumption in the friction loss: the mechanical component's digestibility is worn out because of the friction wear. People have been looking for the best "0 wear" lubricants, and soon some so-called anti-wear lubricants, energy-saving car maintenance products came into being. This kind of products to graphite, molybdenum disulfide type solid suspension, Teflon resin particle type, copper, lead and other heavy metal particles of the coating type, at first it can increase the oil, lubricating oil, anti-wear, extreme pressure performance. However, after a period of market testing, this kind of products under the banner of High-tech, in fact, low production technology, product technology is not mature, not through technical identification and market testing, the general existence of short cycle, the scope of application, operating environment, narrow and serious side effects of the many questions exposed, so soon in the market extinction. People eagerly look forward to a real sense of the emergence of efficient energy-saving products, to achieve the "0 wear" dream. After 10 years of market testing, November 16, 2008, by the Hebei Province Science and Technology Bureau organization, Shijiazhuang Jin Li Bao Petrochemical Co., Ltd. completed the "High efficiency and energy-saving nano-antiwear agent" new products for technical identification, the identification Committee agreed: High Efficiency and energy-saving nano-antiwear agent is successful, energy-saving emission reduction effect is obvious, Advanced technology. Economic and social benefits are significant, the promotion of good prospects, the overall level of international advanced, can be mass production. According to the theory of Tribology, the nano-metal particles are pretreated with various auxiliaries to produce inorganic organic nano-complexes by reaction dispersing, and the density is close to base oil, and the hydrophilic oil is improved, and the lubricant does not occur agglomeration and precipitation of nanoparticles. Under the action of metal friction, the negatively charged hydrocarbon molecules and metal surfaces attract each other, forming a protective film of nano-metal compounds, which has the characteristics of high resistance to extreme pressure, antifriction and Antiwear properties. The product is used by the user and has good reaction. This project has completely independent intellectual property rights, the overall level has reached the international advanced level. A truly efficient energy-saving product turned out to be a technical revolution in the field of lubrication is coming.