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How To Measure The Taper Of Lubricating Grease

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Grease in the industrial production of various fields are playing a great role, is the normal operation of mechanical equipment essential consumables, many users of lubricating grease cone to determine how the measurement is not very clear, the following to introduce for you.
First, the grease sample is filled with grease cup, the process of filling the vibration of the Grease Cup, to ensure that any mixing air removed. Open the worker exhaust valve, put the grease of the lubricating grease sample into the constant temperature of 25 ℃ equipment, the thermostat enough time, remove the worker exhaust valve closed. So that the lipid sample in 1 minutes to withstand the orifice plate 60 times reciprocating work, and then open the exhaust valve, remove the top cover and orifice plate, with a scraper to the fat sample as far as possible to the Fat Cup, oblique scraper and moving direction into a 45-degree angle across the edge of the Fat Cup to remove excess fat cup of fat-like, immediately to test the cone. The determination of two times in the same work Cup is performed, and the measured value is recorded.