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Lubricant Grease

  • Multi Purpose Lubricant Grease
    Multi Purpose Lubricant Grease
    All purpose grease Product features ● This product is made from fatty acid lithium soap thickened high quality mineral oil, and added anti-oxygen, anti-rust and other additives. ● Good mechanical stability, strong shear resistance and long service life. ● It has good...
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  • Extreme Pressure Complex Grease
    Extreme Pressure Complex Grease
    Product features ◆ This product is a complex lithium soap thickener refined base oils and add a factor effective antiwear additives. ◆ Excellent mechanical stability and high temperature shear resistance, not easy to become thin and prolong the service life ◆ Excellent...
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  • Molybdenum Disulphide Lithium Grease
    Molybdenum Disulphide Lithium Grease
    Product features ● This product is made of high quality fatty acid lithium soap thickened mineral lubricating oil and add the antioxidant, antirust, molybdenum disulfide additives. ● Products have good high pressure abrasion resistance, reduce mechanical wear and tear; ● Good...
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  • HP High Temperature Grease
    HP High Temperature Grease
    Product feature This product is a kind of high temperature resistant, resistant to extreme pressure, long life and complex lithium grease, excellent resistance to high temperature, can be long-term use under - 20 ℃ ~ 260 ℃, and at the same time has good wear resistant extreme...
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  • Antifreeze Solution
    Antifreeze Solution
    Product features ● Excellent cooling performance, excellent anticorrosion performance, ensuring optimum engine cooling system ● Low freezing point high boiling point, with good anti-freezing characteristics, guaranteed the engine to work under high and low temperature ● It...
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