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What are the principles for mixing two or more greases?

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Industrial lubricants Manufacturers: When the use of grease in general, should be as far as possible to avoid two and more than two different types of grease mixed use, because the grease used thickener, base oil and additives are different, mixing will be the grease of the colloid structure caused damage, resulting in the consistency of the mixed grease drop, The oil is increased and the mechanical stability is poor, thus affecting the performance of the use.

In use, sometimes when the mixture of two kinds of grease can not be avoided, we must master the following principles:

1, the same factory production of the same type, the same grade of Grease can be mixed, but must be used in the case of a large proportion of lubricating grease, mixing after the quality changes little. But if the original grease has been oxidized, because it contains a lot of impurities, this time can not be mixed with the new grease. So in the replacement of lubricating grease, must be the parts of the old grease all clean, dry before adding new grease.

2, the same as thickener, base oil with the same grade grease can be mixed. The compound lithium base grease can be mixed with lithium base fat, but the drop point of the mixed fat is only the drop point of the lithium base grease.

3. The synthetic grease containing silicone oil and fluorine oil is usually not mixed with mineral lubricating grease.

4, if you do not know whether the two lipids can be mixed, it is necessary to ask a professional laboratory for the compatibility of the two lipids test to determine whether they can be mixed.