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What are the conditions of use of industrial lubricants

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Industrial lubricants mainly include hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, steam turbine oil, frozen oil, transformer oil, bearing oil, vacuum pump oil, metal processing oil (liquid), cylinder oil, antirust grease, heat treatment oil and heat conduction oil. In addition, there is lubricating oil for the base, and add a thickener of grease. Industrial lubricants users have come from all walks of life enterprises, the general use of many varieties, large dosage, the use of industrial lubricants not only depends on the price of products, but also depends on the quality of products and technical characteristics, but also depends on the good or bad technical services. Therefore, the technical marketing of industrial lubricants is very important.

Industrial lubricants in different applications, the additive is also different. Outdoor hydraulic oil to be able to adapt to local temperature changes, can not use indoor airtight environment of hydraulic oil. In addition, such as heavy duty gear oil and molding oil use conditions are also different, heavy-duty gear oil contains extreme pressure additives to ensure that the use of harsh environment, molding oil, usually pure mineral oil, excluding additives.