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The more lubricant, the better?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Automobile lubricating oil in the maintenance of the use of very high frequency. In addition to protecting the engine and reducing the number of oil changes, high quality lubricating oil can save the gas cost. At the same time also pay attention to not due to improper use of lubricants caused by car trouble, including lubricating oil added to the situation, the following details on how to properly add lubricating oil.

Misunderstanding one: The use of additives really high quality lubricants are equipped with a variety of engine protection function of the finished product, the formula already contains a variety of additives, including Anti-wear agents, but also the most exquisite lubricant formula balance to ensure the full play of various properties. The addition of other additives can not only bring additional protection to the vehicle, but also easily react with the chemical in the oil.

Misunderstanding two: Lubricating oil can add more lubricating oil should be controlled in the oil ruler of the upper and lower tick marks between the line for good. Because too much lubricant will be from the cylinder and piston gap in the combustion chamber to form carbon deposition. These deposits will increase the compression ratio of the engine and increase the tendency of the detonation; carbon deposition in the cylinder is red hot state also easy to cause premature ignition, such as falling into the cylinder will aggravate the cylinder and piston wear, but also accelerate the pollution of lubricants. Secondly, the lubricating oil increases the stirring resistance of the crank rod and increases the fuel consumption.

Misunderstanding three: Lubricating oil often Tim do not change often check the lubricant is correct, but only to replace the replacement can only make up the shortage of oil, but can not fully compensate for the loss of lubricating oil performance. Lubricants in the use of the process, due to pollution, oxidation and other causes of the quality will gradually decline, but also some consumption, so that the number of reduction.

Misunderstanding four: When the lubricant becomes black it's time to change the oil. This understanding is not comprehensive. For the lubricant without a quiet dispersant, the color black is indeed the performance of the oil has been seriously deteriorated, but the use of modern automotive lubricants are generally added with a quiet decomposition agent. This kind of quiet agent will adhere to the piston of the plastic film and black carbon wash down, and dispersed in the oil, reduce the formation of high temperature of the engine sediments, so the lubricant used for a period of time after the color easily black, but at this time the oil has not completely deteriorated.

Conclusion: So the oil should be scientifically and rationally used in order to maximize the potential, so that our car has a longer use cycle