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Spindle Oil-Use caution

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Many people always like to compare lubricating oil to a machine's tissue fluid, however, from the practical application we can know that the role of lubricants is very large. Lubricating oil is a must to keep a machine running well. But many people think that the more lubricant is the better, in fact this is wrong, the lubricant added too much, because of the viscosity of lubricants, will let a lot of dirty things glued to the top, so that the blockage caused by the problem will affect the machine. So when lubricating oil, should be based on different parts, the appropriate dosage can be.

Different parts of the use of industrial lubricants are not the same, the main axis of the use of the spindle oil, because the spindle part of the operation of the number of rotation, so in the addition of lubricants, and other parts of the type is not the same, and in the dosage is to pay attention to a balanced.

The proper spindle oil will make the machine running special smooth, lubricating oil added too much, not only waste, for the connecting part of the interior will have some impact. The part of the spindle and the accessory shaft, the lubricating oil should make the connection part in operation, keep some smooth effect best.