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Shelf life of lubricating oil

- May 18, 2018 -

Lubricating oil is different from general food and medicine and has no shelf life in strict sense. Because the performance of lubricating oil is more stable, as long as the storage properly, generally will not affect the use. Therefore, the State does not stipulate the shelf life or expiry date of lubricants. At room temperature sealing state and dust, waterproof, chemical smoke drying normal storage conditions, oil storage for more than three years, the indicators have not changed. But even so, users should pay special attention to storage conditions:

The ideal storage space for canned and bottled lubricants is indoors, and the small barrel packaging and any packaging that has been opened must be stored indoors to avoid the effects of climate change.

Second, the open-air placement of 200L oil barrels to lie on the appropriate, each row of barrels with wooden nails to prevent its rolling, attention should not be the end of the oil outlet at the top. Water has adverse effects on any lubricating oil and must be inspected frequently for leaks. If the oil barrel must be placed straight, it is advisable to invert the oil barrel, so that the barrel mouth downward, or slightly tilt the bucket, put the oil mouth above, so as to prevent rainwater accumulation in the bucket surface infiltration.

Third, too low or too high temperature can affect the quality of lubricants, it is not suitable for long-term storage of lubricants in hot or cold places.

Four, when the lubricant due to poor storage, oil into the dust and water, may appear turbidity and precipitation, should immediately stop using.