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Hydraulic Oil Maintenance

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Hydraulic Oil Maintenance (if the equipment is normal operation, no abnormal condition),

1. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is not used at high temperature, the oil will soon oxidize and deteriorate at high temperature.

2. The air filter on the hydraulic station should adopt a filter which can filter both the particles and the water.

3, in the usual we have to do a regular oil testing. Hydraulic oil uses a wide range of industrial oil is the most used products. At present, hydraulic components are developing toward small volume and large power, and the system pressure is getting higher, and some have broken through 50MPs. To this end, the common type of L-HL series has tended to be eliminated, wear-resistant L-HM series applications more. Low temperature performance is also an important characteristic of hydraulic fluids, requirements in low temperature environment equipment start-up easier, and dynamic transmission sensitive, and hydraulic oil for a long period of oil change, such as open-air equipment usually one year, hydraulic oil in the use of the process will inevitably experience the changes of the four seasons, so the open-air equipment use of low coagulation products better results. Cleanliness has also become the performance requirements of hydraulic oil, the general product to the level of the NAS particle size is not greater than 9, clean-type products are not greater than 7, high cleaning products not greater than 5, but blindly pursue the NAS level not only without any effect, but to reduce quality, increase costs. For example, some mechanical manufacturers, or construction machinery users do not have to add hydraulic oil dust-free workshop, even if it costs a lot to buy a NAS level 5 product, in the instant of opening the product, the high clean NAS 5 hydraulic oil becomes the NAS 8 grade, and the high level of the hydraulic oil NAS means that there are more filtration times, The filtration process will be expensive ingredients filter out, so from a professional point of view, the general level do not have to pursue too much.

4, usually to prevent air into the oil. Oil pump suction port should be sealed and reliable, oil tank suction tubing can not be too close to the surface of the system, the highest point should be set exhaust valve to facilitate the release of oil in the free air.

5. Reasonable design of oil tank. Suction tubing should be kept away from the back tubing, to avoid the use of oil oxidation of the catalytic lead, zinc, copper and other materials, oil tank to be coated with paint resistance, the tank in the cooler can not leak.