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Analysis of abnormal fault of engine oil pressure in automobile

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Oil is able to reach the lubrication surface, because the oil has a certain pressure, so that it continuously flow. The engine oil pressure indicates the lubrication system technical condition is good or bad, once the oil pressure appears abnormal phenomenon, should immediately identify the cause, to be excluded.

Oil pressure sensor is usually installed in the main oil road, if the oil pressure gauge and oil pressure sensor is normal, and the oil pressure gauge indicator pressure is too low, can be based on the composition of the lubrication system and the circuit to analyze the possible causes of failure. If the oil flow in accordance with the direction of petroleum pressure sensor for the field into the former and the last two parts, resulting in low oil pressure can be divided into two aspects: first, oil pressure sensor before the circuit is not smooth or inadequate supply of oil; the second is oil pressure sensor after the oil pipeline leakage too fast. Although the lubrication system of different engines and the oil circuit have a certain difference, but according to the above ideas, it is not difficult to fault diagnosis of the machine.

In use, if the oil pressure gauge indicating pressure for a long time higher than the normal standard, that is, oil pressure is too high. High oil pressure is not a good thing, not only to increase the load of oil pump, but also to make the safety valve often open, oil without coarse filter filtration directly sent to the friction surface, aggravating the wear of the friction pair, if the relief valve card lag, will also blunt coarse filter cartridge, and lead to the main oil channel

The pressure is normal when the engine is just started, and operation for a period of time after the oil pressure and rapid decline, such as the inspection of the oil table, oil pump and control valve, such as no fault, can be taken out of the oil ruler to check the amount of oil, if the oil is sufficient, such as the determination is due to the low oil, should be replaced If it is coolant or fuel into the bottom of the oil tank diluted oil, resulting in a decrease in the porosity, should be found leaking or oil leakage reasons, will be troubleshooting and then replace the new oil.

When the engine idling running when the oil pressure is normal, medium and high speed operation, oil pressures fluctuation (hydraulic table pointer in the 0~0. 6 MPa swings or vibrates back and forth, the main reasons are:
Oil bottom Shell Oil shortage, oil plane is located in the limit position of filter suction port, or oil pipe has impurities but not completely blocked, so that oil pump sometimes without, resulting in oil pressure suddenly high and low.