Shandong Yuangen Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd. locates in Jining, Shandong province. It is a larger scale and impact lubricating oil production enterprise. The company is committed to the oil industry, brought together more than 100 years-engaged in lubricants, grease R & D senior engineering and technical personnel and a large number of management personnel, among them, 1 experts enjoy the special treatment of the State Council, with strong technical force and advanced management system, There is a complete management system in research and development to production, sales, logistics, customer service.
The company occupies a total area of 270 acres, base oil storage capacity of more than 45000 tons, finished product oil storage capacity of more than 25000 tons. Owned 50 domestic advanced automated production lines, oil equipment automation, with an annual output of various types of lubricants, grease and other products 350000 tons ability, can realize annual sales income 4 billion yuan.
In order to realize the strategic planning objectives, our company and the Great Wall lubricating oil company Sinopec, Sinochem International, Formosa, South Korea SK, the United States Lubrizol Corp reached a strategic partnership of cooperation, for the company's long-term development has laid a solid foundation.
The company is producing all kinds of lubricating oil, antifreeze, maintenance products and steel packaging containers. Lubricating oil products produced by the company are all through the strict professional bench test evaluation of high-tech formula, using advanced production technology and equipment, in strict accordance with the international standards organization of production, products fully meet the lubrication requirements of domestic and foreign automobile, engineering machinery and all kinds of machinery and equipment...


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